René Descartes: I hold that all those to whom God has given the gift of reason are bound to employ it in the effort to know him and to know themselves.

Welcome to, a web site created to lay out the evidence for truths, both scientific and Christian  It is maintained by scientists who are also Christians, and who believe that both the pursuit of science and the pursuit of Christ are the pursuit of truth.

Both science and Christianity provide the best explanation for a set of evidence; science for the routine behavior of the world in the absence of external forces, and Christianity for the events surrounding the life, death, and resurrection of Joshua, the son of Mary and Joseph (known to us today most commonly as Jesus of Nazareth).  Each is an incomplete understanding of a much deeper truth, and theories of each are true only inasmuch as they accord with the way the world is and the way God is.

See the blog for pointers to brief documents, each of which presents one chain of evidence for a particular topic.  These documents are meant neither to compel belief nor to provide an exhaustive description of the evidence for a particular topic.  Each describes in plain language why a person who is both reasonable and a Christian might believe a particular theory.  Each is intended to be consistent with both current scientific evidence and faith in Christ.

See the book list for suggested books that delve deeper into the congruence of science and Christianity.